Staytreat 2018: κύριος (n.lord) Jesus. Prophet. Priest. King.

Seventh and James Baptist Church and University Baptist Church joined together for a special Fall retreat in October. And let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC.

The focus was on Jesus as our prophet, priest, and King. These are traditionally called the “three offices” of Jesus. We chose this theme, because it helps simply encapsulate who Jesus is, and what Jesus has done for us.

Students dove head first into a pretty theological subject, and had a ton of fun trying to find secret keys in the dark (that was a game), they discovered all the things the high priest had to do on the “Day of Atonement” in small group, and engaged in clean-up for Mission Waco’s “Ark” intentional community housing and community gardens. (There were POWER washers- the most fun way to clean).

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None of it would have been possible without the volunteers from both churches, the host homes, and the generous support of Baylor Youth Ministry Teams: who sent volunteers, small group leaders, and a very cooperative volunteer worship band.

Seriously, on that last point: Seventh & James and University Baptist Church are VERY different experiences on a Sunday. 7th has organ and choral music, robes and stoles. UBC has a praise brand who just released an EP of original music and covers. And that’s just the start of it.

There are VERY few songs that both youth ministries are familiar with. So the fact the praise band was patient and versatile enough with my suggestions of songs that were old hymns that also had modern versions, was outstanding. And the song they played from Moana (not during worship time, of course, but during down time, just for fun), was something students really enjoyed).

thank you letter
A thank you letter to all who helped!

I think I will let the pictures, worship guides, and the small group material speak for themselves to tell you what this event was all about. Unfortunately, the setting was too dark to make the sermon videos watchable.

Finally, much thanks as well to Dilan and Hannah, the youth ministers at University Baptist Church.

Working with you was a true joy!



Links to documents and photos

Small group material

Worship order Staytreat

Full Google Photo Album


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