What’s in a name, bro?

This is what I look like.

Welcome to “Habitually Being” a personal library of my collected thoughts, whether the most original musings I can muster or ones simply and unapologetically thieved.

Expect to find here my thoughts on religion, education, literature, politics and culture alongside whatever I discover through reading, browsing the internet, or of the course of my travels in everyday life, which I found perspicuous.

The name of the blog adopts the title of the collection of letters of one of my favorite authors, Flannery O’Connor’s The Habit of Being. The tagline too riffs off one of the same ideas which can be gleaned from the title: vocation is an ongoing process. I will aspire to become a teacher and a writer even after I have become one. And though I am a Christian now, I am still hoping to become a Christian. My goal is to not only do the things I believe I should do (teach clearly, write well, love and live as a Christian ought) but to make it an instinct: a habit of being.

Perhaps this sounds too esoteric to be worth a dime to you, but that’s the explanation.

More should become clear as I go along.
If I meant to make everything clear in one go, I wouldn’t have created a blog.

This is my online playground.
Play nice.

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