6.7.20 Summer Youth Chautauqua

“Chautauqua” is what 7th & James calls its special series of Summer Sunday School classes.

The Youth Ministry is focusing on Spiritual Formation for our first Chautauqua session.

Each week, we will discuss a new aspect of Spiritual Formation.

This week, Kendall and I introduce the Daily Office with a podcast to guide you through it and a document with readings for this week.

  • Daily Office for week of June 7th [PDF]
    (Clicking this will open a PDF in a new tab.)
    Introduction: 0:00 – 3:27 (page 1 of document)
    Prayers: 3:27 – end (page 2-8 of document)
    Page 8-10 of document, readings for the rest of the week.
Podcast Guiding Through Daily Prayer.

Tonight, at 6 o’clock p.m. we will be launching our topic with a conversation with Ben Simpson, Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation at Truett Seminary.

I hope to see you at 6 p.m. as we welcome a special guest!


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