“Why Worship?” series

Since most of my students use Instagram, I’ve been putting shortened ~7-8 minute versions of our youth lessons on that platform. We’re also meeting in the park in person some weeks, and online other days.

Like many people, I’ve been learning more and experimenting more with technology: buying some lightweight recording equipment, practicing in video editing software.

Given so many discussions in churches have been about how to worship, where to worship, when and if and with what precautions we can gather together in-person of worship, I thought we should talk about why we worship.

Over six lessons, we go through a wide span of scripture to discuss how worship reminds us and involves us in God’s goodness and salvation.

To have everything in one place, I’ve uploaded the devotions to a YouTube playlist. I’ll add to this as I record more. You can see they get more detailed as they go on.

“Why Worship?” series so far

Full Playlist here.

  1. Beginning at the End: the Eternal Wedding Feast.
    Revelation 19:6-10; Revelation 21:1-7; 22-27
  2. Awe and Service: God’s Glory and the feast at the mountain with his chosen people.
    Exodus 19:1-7, 24 (whole chapter); Deuteronomy 6:5
  3. God’s Dwelling: The Dedication of the Temple.
    1 Kings 8:1-13; 22-30; Leviticus

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  1. This is so great, Jon! I’m a youth counselor these days and it’s really cool to see how relevant and concise and Bible-focused your messages are! Inspired 🙂

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